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Zy Universe is a Sci-Fi ARPG set on a war-torn alien world. You take on the role of a stranded soldier, helping a camp of refugees build up a thriving settlement in the wake of a planetary conflict.

Discover the truth behind the war,  while uncovering secrets of your own past.

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Your Experience

Want to stay home and build out your base? Do it.

Want to go mow down some trash mobs for loot?

They don't stand a chance.

Feel like revisiting an area you've already been to?

You have good reason -there is definitely stuff to do!

Zy Universe is not on rails. You don't have only one option. Your experience will be what you make it. 

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Your Choice

Build, fight, explore, craft, stockpile resources, admire your epic stash of loot, complete a quest or two when you're ready -the choice is yours.

Zy Universe has a story to tell, but you can stray far from path and take in the world at your own pace.

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This Is Just The Beginning...

Zy Universe is the start to an entire, well, universe that we have planned. Check it out, stick around, and see what we have coming next!

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