Chris G. - Founder

Chris, co-founder of Zy Universe, wears as many hats as needed.  He helps with animation, video production, project management, and more, and he does it all because he believes Zy Universe is something unlike anything else.  “Most games today feel like they are missing so much,” he says.  “We are trying to improve that.”  He’s also an avid gamer, with cherished memories playing World of Warcraft and Asheron's Call. 

Andy E. - Founder

Much like his co-founding counterpart, Andy wears many hats at Zy Universe.  He’s a lead designer, content producer and director, along with anything else that crosses his desk that day.  As is the case of everybody at Zy Universe, Andy is a serious gamer.  “I've never really let up playing,” he continues.  “Only now I'm at a place in my life where I think I have the chops to get the game I've been wanting to play actually made.”

Ben S. - Webmaster

Ben is the lead web developer at Zy Universe.  He’s responsible for building an inclusive space for gamers around the world to learn more about the project and continue the mission at Zy Universe.  When artists, writers and others on the team have bursts of inspiration, he works tirelessly to bring those concepts to the web-based community.

Gustavo C. - Composer

When Gustavo games, he gets totally immersed in the action -- a sensation that he’s creating for Zy Universe.  “I'm the audio guy,” he says.  Gustavo has been experimenting with different musical styles and concepts, hoping that it’ll put the player into the character’s shoes and immerse them in Zy Universe.

Oksana K. - Art Director

Mainly, Oksana drinks coffee, with a bit of milk, and draws.  She draws incredible concept art that has helped bring Zy Universe to life!  She focuses on the design and the environment in which these characters are engulfed in.  With a long history of gaming, Oksana has taken time away from playing Syberia and Grim Fandango to make Zy Universe a reality.

Bob D. - Lead Developer

Working as the lead developer at Zy Universe, Bob, aka "Venthor," is an industry veteran.  He’s been developing games since the ‘80s, getting his start with MUDs (multi-user dungeon).  “I've been playing games since the Apple II,” he said.  Now, he’s working to successfully bring Zy Universe into the 21 century. 

Alec K. - Communications Manager

Alec spends his time brainstorming ways to engage with the community through the blog and social media. He’s a content marketing specialist, responsible for working with the rest of the team to connect gamers from all over to Zy Universe.