What to expect from the demo level

The Zy Universe demo level is in the works, with more concept art being drafted and designed by Oksana, art director at Zy Universe.


After years of searching, you can finally step off of the USS Sovereignty onto a new planet, one that the crew is calling “Zaixing.”


But, as the ship approaches this newly discovered habitable planet, it lands hard on the surface.


You step off the ship onto the glowing surface of the planet. Looking out, bright hues of starlight illuminate your surroundings and reflect upon the foreign soil.


A gnarled, mountainous landscape is before you. It’s up to you and the rest of the 16,000 souls to scavenge material, repair the ship, and build a home.


This is the start of the Zy Universe demo level, coming in 2018.


Oksana Kupriienko, art director at Zy Universe, has worked with the rest of the team to make this new planet, Zaixing, a reality.


Collaborating with the writers of Zy Universe, Oksana began drawing the first stages of the journey.


“I was sitting with headphones on, with closed eyes, and I saw the planet surface and a lonely figure walking on it unsurely,” she said. “I knew that people must feel loneliness and despair at this totally new planet, that it must be something uncomfortable and cold.”


Over the last few weeks, Oksana has also spent time visiting the forest and the mountains and drawing inspiration from the natural world.


“There were huge rocks in the middle of the forest; strange rocks in the shapes of alien ships were looking at us from different angles,” she continued. “Nature always has many illustrations, people just don't notice them. Observing and seeing the world around you is one of the best ways to stay inspired.”


"Observing and seeing the world around you is one of the best ways to stay inspired.” 


Oksana’s concept art will serve as the mold of the upcoming demo level, which will give players the opportunity to explore Zaixing, as well as climb the ranks while serving aboard the USS Sovereignty.


“You need to continue this story,” Oksana said. “Discover Zy Universe and see more and more of this planet.”