Abigail Bracchus
Abigail Bracchus

SUBJECT: Codex_C_21070717-1_Goodbye

This is my first log and entry into the ship's database. The Exodus project is done. We've done it. We left Earth today and it's with a very heavy heart that we had to leave so many behind. In some cases friends and even family were left and there is little way to comfort those who just had to say goodbye.  I, for one, take solace in the thought of what we're trying to achieve.  The salvation of the human race.  There is no sacrifice too great for this cause.  Tonight I will make a speech to the crew, and I will try to instill in them a lasting hope to get us through these next years.  I don't know exactly what we'll find on the other side of the Faraday wormhole but whatever it is, we'll face it together.  Not as crew or colleagues, not as men or women in arms, not as friends or family after having spent the last four years together, but as a race.  The human race.

Abigail Bracchus
Abigail Bracchus

SUBJECT: Codex_C_21070720-1_Day Three

We're in our third full day on board the Sovereignty.  We've spent these first few days running diagnostics on ship's systems.  We're still in communication range of the Exodus landing, and have been speaking with Dr. Yang around the clock to work out any kinks in ship's systems.  Nothing critical has come up, thankfully.

The crew is starting to relax.  Training for this mission was full of such dedication and determination that no one has had time for that.  Now it's good to see people starting to smile, and even laugh here and there.  Though, we have a long journey ahead of us and I need to make sure people stay on top of their duties.  I'm going to start a regular meeting among all team leaders.  I think it'll be a good way to keep all teams on point, and give them a forum to report any concerns or issues.  Plus, it'll keep me in touch with more than just the bridge crew.

Abigail Bracchus
Abigail Bracchus

SUBJECT: Codex_C_21070721-1_Planning for the future

We held our first team leader meeting.  In attendance was myself,  Bridge Officer Wei, General Abrams and his Colonel, Reyes, Chief Engineering Officer Chu, Chief Science Officer Renton, Chief Medical Doctor Lanis, Moral Officer Emery, and Arbiter Hassalt.  It went well.  The nine of us spoke mainly of the future.  I think we're all trying to move forward.  To us, the Earth is no more.  It's settling in that this is a one-way trip, at least to the crew chiefs.

As far as operations go, I'm sticking to the mission plan, but I've tasked Doctors Lanis and Chief Officer Chu in coming up with a routine for checking on the stasis decks.  We have four years and over sixteen thousand souls on board to keep safe.  I didn't think it was too much to ask for our crew to perform regular house calls.

Officer Emery asked if we could cross-train some of the soldiers on ship duties to help keep them busy for the next four years.  I'm hesitant to allow that.  Colonel Reyes' boys are rough.  They're going through bed sheets and booze faster than anticipated.  It seems we didn't plan for what soldiers on R&R would behave like well enough.  At any rate, I don't think the Colonel wants cross-training either, but we might have to find a way to change up routines for moral's sake.  Emery may have a point.

I'm going to spend my time keeping this ship on course and this crew diligent.  These are my tasks and my mission.  I will keep these logs limited since I'm not much of a journalist.  Until next time, or until something interesting happens, Bracchus out.

Lincoln Emery
Lincoln Emery


I love music, but I can’t seem to make myself play anything right now.  Each crew member was allowed to bring a few terabytes of private data and much of mine was used to store all of my favorite songs.  But, with everyone sleeping so soundly, this ship is like a silent tomb.  Even the most solemn melody would seem like an intrusion into a sacred place.

I’m not the only one having a tough time being awake on the ship.  Tenale is showing visible signs of stress when I see her walking the halls of the command deck.  We use to talk often but with so few crew members awake, we are all busy with our daily tasks.  Perhaps tomorrow I will seek her out.  I’m sure we could both use the company.

Before we left, I contacted a few of my military buddies to see if they could help me find my parents.  I just had to know what happened to them even though we hadn’t talked in ages. Can you believe it?  They were still alive living in some dump outside of what use to be Chicago.  They’re still collecting instruments and all sorts of other junk.  Even with the world burning away, some people never change.  I guess I’m happy they are still alive but I have no desire to see them again.

Not wanting to see them didn’t mean I wanted them to suffer either.  Had Emily and I not agreed to board the Sovereignty, Zi-Yang would have let us stay at a self-sustaining island habitat owned by Zynapse.  Part of my agreement to go on the mission included letting my parents take my spot on the island.  They could go there with all of their junk and live out their lives as best they could.  The islands really weren’t that bad.  A lot of people who worked for Zynapse were going to retire there since there were only so many people that could fit on the Sovereignty.  I guess I felt a little bad about breaking my old man’s nose.  I still think he’s crazy but I wish them the best.

Lincoln Emery
Lincoln Emery


Everytime I walk by the doors to the stasis bay all I can think of is Emily.  We said we would never lie to each other, but she would have never agreed to sleep for four years while I continued working.  My work as morale officer is important and they would have never let us on the ship had I not agreed to do my part during our long voyage.

The entire world was dying.  Staying was just not an option.  Sure we could have holed up in one of the shielded cities watching the radiation destroy everything around us while waiting for shifting climate to turn the planet into a ball of ice, but what kind of life is that?  No, this was the right choice.  This was the start of a new life for us.  She’ll understand when she wakes up.

Sovereignty is a massive ship but there’s no way that everyone who wanted a spot could get it.  People had to be selected based on their skills.  If you weren’t crucial to the success of the mission you had to stay back on Earth.  The stowaway, on the other hand, decided that it wasn’t important to follow these rules and snuck aboard anyway.  I have no idea how it happened with Bracchus’ security so tight.  But I do sympathize.  Staying back on Earth to watch the planet turn into an uninhabitable rock is a dreadful thought but in a way it’s no more or less scary than crossing the galaxy to dive through a wormhole.  While I sympathize, the stowaway should have waited their turn.  The next Sovereignty trip will be able to take a lot of people that were initially left behind.

Peter Mueller
Peter Mueller


Arbiter Hassalt came up to me saying she was concerned that for an entire year I hadn’t recorded a single log.  She claims that there is some sort of relief to be found in recording these logs. I find it tiresome and time-consuming.  However, it is true that there is not a single damn thing to do on this ship. Everyone is so serious all the time. At least there’s a holodeck with movies and games, but those things haven’t interested me since Petey was born.

I miss my family dearly.  I walk by the pods section everyday and send my love and thought to their pods, 1707 and 1708.  I confess I’ve been having nightmares about the pods going missing and I’m searching for them. The thought fills my chest with unease.

The Admiral seems extremely capable despite her relatively young age. The General on the other hand looks as seasoned as one of my meals.  Ha, that was a good one. God knows what that man must have seen during his entire career.

Perhaps tomorrow I will approach General Abrams with a beer in hand.

What am I thinking?  He’s the military General aboard humanity’s last salvation.  I need to find something to do.

Mallory Renton
Mallory Renton

SUBJECT: Codex_C_00010102-1_Testing, testing

Testing, testing.  Is this working?   It appears to be.

So today is my second day on an alien world, and wow.  Who would have thought I’d ever get to say that?  At any rate, this alien world that will be my new home whether I like it or not.  Despite the chaos of the crash, and the uncertainty of this place, there is relief in just knowing that we are alive.  And I’m totally freaking out at the thought of all the new discoveries we’re about to make.  This is going to be incredible.  I’ll record more later.  I just wanted to test and see if the system was finally up and running.  Kudos to Wang for getting repairs done as quickly as he has.  That wormhole really wrecked the place.  The crash didn’t help either.

Samuel Reyes
Samuel Reyes


Admiral Bracchus was informed that a stowaway was found down in engineering.  My men and I had ‘round-the-clock patrols during the entire building process so he better not have come from an oversight there.

He’s been hiding thanks to the help of two engineers.  Why haven’t we punished these engineers yet?

I haven’t had the pleasure but my understanding is that this “stowaway” simply refuses to speak.  The Arbiter and Moe haven’t been able to get to him. Apparently Moe has managed to build up some rapport but no relevant details.  What if the Sovereignty has a security breach we are not aware of? And how did he possibly manage to get on board without anybody noticing? That and the “no commentary” attitude make me think we would be better off not dealing with this person.

I bet I could make the stowaway talk.  But they won’t let me force the answers out of this waste of space.  It’s a shame really, I could have them singing like a songbird in minutes.

On the other hand, if Nicolas were here, maybe he could talk to the stowaway.  He could get to people in a way I’ve never been able to. Who knows what this stowaway did to get here.  Nicolas could get him to talk, I know he could. If he was here maybe we could help and maybe then this stowaway would just start talking.

Or maybe just flush ‘em out an airlock.

Tenale Hassalt
Tenale Hassalt

SUBJECT: Codex_C_21090414_1_TWO YEARS

We are two years into our four year journey.  The ship is holding up well to the rigors of space travel but some of our passengers in stasis are not faring as well.  Due to abnormal breathing and irregular heartbeats, some of them are being temporarily taken out of stasis for medical treatment.  It’s unfortunate because coming out of stasis can be quite traumatic.  When they wake up, they speak of horrific dreams about Impact Day.  I have to admit, those memories haunt my dreams as well.  Sitting in the dark, feeling the world shake around me, wondering if we were all going to die. Just thinking about it gives me shivers.  There are days where I wonder how I can help anyone when I’m just as damaged as they are.

Today would have been April 14, 2109 back on Earth.  Had the meteor never come, I’d be celebrating TRANSCEND's 24th anniversary.  There would have been a gala and fireworks, delicious food and music.  I’d have worn a beautiful gown and celebrated with all of my colleagues.  TRANSCEND, my greatest work, destroyed in a single day.  It’s not healthy to dwell on such thoughts.

Those of us who are awake will have a different sort of celebration in eight days.  We will take a moment to remember all those who died on Impact Day.  While a somber affair, it’s important to never forget what happened, as it drives us to survive.

It’s funny, I almost forgot tomorrow is my birthday.  With everything going on it just slipped my mind. I’m not sure if anyone else will remember either.  Growing up, my mother always did something special on my birthday.  It was never a big party or anything, usually just a small gift and we’d spend the day together at a park or hiking in the woods.  I miss her dearly.

Wang Chu
Wang Chu


We are still traveling towards the new planet.  The trip is taking very long.  Too long.  It’s giving me constant stress.  Will we make it?  Do wormholes work the way we hope they do?  That’s all we’re really holding onto here: hope.  Hope is what drives humanity; it pushes us to survive and it stops us from seeing the truth.  I keep asking myself if we’re making the right decision.  I guess we’ll know when we get to the other side of the wormhole.

I am unusually bored and anxious.  I walk around the ship and complete laps around its circuit.  During my laps I observe things that operate in less than optimal conditions and I find myself constantly tinkering them.

The other crew members have alerted Arbiter Hassalt and the Morale Officer that I have developed “obsessive tinkering” behavior.  This annoys me.  I am simply optimizing all of the parts I see that could use an improvement.  That is my specialty.

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