What is Zy Universe?

Zy Universe is a 2D Sci-Fi ‘Metroidvania’ style action-adventure RPG video game.  Browse around this website for more information.

Who is developing Zy Universe?

This game is currently being developed by a private independent studio called 6Stack Entertainment, LLC.

How many people are working on developing Zy Universe?

Currently, we have 15 people on the team.

How long has Zy Universe been in production?

This project kicked off in January, 2017.

When is the release date for Zy Universe?

Zy Universe will be release when we feel it is ready.  Keep checking back on our website for the latest news.  We will keep our followers as up to date as possible! You can subscribe to our newsletter HERE.

What platforms will Zy Universe be on?

We are targeting a full release on PC, Xbox, and Playstation, and we are designing the game with both controllers and keyboard/mouse in mind.

How big will Zy Universe be?

HUGE.  We plan to add new content, including quest lines, dungeons, raids, and items continually after launch.

Will Zy Universe have PvP?

Zy Universe is focused on Player vs. Environment, however, it is something that we are looking to add in the future. 

How do I support your game right now?

Follow us, tell your friends and join us during our crowdfunding campaign!