Zy Universe is a 2D sci-fi, action-adventure RPG tied with traditional Metroidvania and hack-n-slash elements. This gaming experience is designed to provide an immersive storyline, classless gameplay, end-game content, character progression and loads of loot. Zy Universe is fueled by our passion for gaming and our love for this art form. Here are some of the features you can expect to find:

  • Explore a vast alien world, guided by unique quests and storylines.
  • Fight your way through swarms of alien enemies.
  • Don’t worry about choosing a class - your gear determines whether you are a support, DPS, or tank. Save loadouts in your personal storage locker as you go.
  • Gain XP, and choose talents from a skill tree that will help you establish a unique character, tailored to your play style.
  • Influence the player driven economy, or craft epic gear to outfit your friends.
  • Team up with your friends in cooperative online play, and delve into the end game content - both party dungeons and large group raids.
  • Fill up on loot! Hoard it, trade it, sell it, or break it down into crafting components - don't worry, no matter how you use it, it's not bound to you.
  • Outfit your base to your play style. Are you a crafter? Get all the advanced crafting benches. Are you a loot hoarder? Load up on storage lockers. Are you an explorer? Invite NPC quest givers to send you to the furthest reaches of the planet - or do a little bit of everything!