It’s 2111, the earth as we know it is gone. Our ability to sustain the life we all know has disappeared; stolen from us by the aftermath of a diverted meteoroid. Upon its discovery, a ship was dispatched, revealing the unexpected origin. A wormhole that erased our past, and created our future. On the other side, we were greeted with potential. Our souls filled with hope, visions of family, and bright futures at the sight of a habitable planet. A welcoming muse for hopeless minds. With renewed spirit, a crew of chosen survivors set forth on the USS Sovereignty.

16,000 souls on the USS Sovereignty’s manifest, but yours isn’t one of them. You are a stow away, and once you are discovered, you become the pariah of this new society. Explore, craft, and fight to prove your worth. Become indispensable by demonstrating your refined expertise or showcase yourself as a jack-of-all-trades. Build your sense of security as you strengthen your crew quarters, and line your pockets with loot. Become the first pioneer of Zy Universe, chasing storylines and glory abound.

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